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Admission Procedure:

All Prospective students should comply with the admission procedure-

Admission Form should be submitted along with the following documents:

N.B.: Declaration Form will be provided with the admission form. Every student along with the guardian should sign and submit to the Institute.

Rules and Regulation at EIM:


All Students must be punctual in attending classes. Strict discipline action will be taken for late comers and absenteeism. No student should leave the institute during the working hours.

Attendance :

Identity Cards:

All Students are provided with an Identity Card at the time of commencement of the course. The card must be worn and displayed at all times.

Eklabya Address

Opposite Chauhan Marble, Utpal Nagar,
Champasari Main Road,
Siliguri - 734003
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94342-22507 | 97350-17877
[email protected]

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